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Is this you ? ...

  • You have a website,
  • but don't have an online marketing strategy,
  • or know how to make it work technically
  • and maybe you have no idea where to start ?

Get a Custom Plan

Let me look at your website. And tell me a bit about your business. Then I'll create a flowchart showing how your online marketing could work and write a checklist that you can follow.

With a strategy and a list of steps to follow for your business, you can get a smooth online marketing system in place.

The Problem ...

Most businesses don’t have an online strategy or use their website as part of one. They get stuck on one or 2 things, like occasional emails & a bit of paid advertising.

The marketing stops and doesn't go anywhere.

But it's actually not too hard to develop online marketing for a business if you have a blueprint.

Then it can be A LOT faster getting the FIRST online marketing sequence in place and it makes things A LOT easier in the future because you can build on what you've now got.

We've been doing web development and marketing for 11 years now, so know how it goes.

How Does a Custom Plan Help ?

  • You'll have a starting point !
  • You'll have a strategy with step-by-step actions.
  • You'll know what to use to get things done.
  • Things won't get so bogged and stuck.

There are good recent statistics re: the value of getting this in place at Hubspot -

The Offer

  • Website Evaluation

    Find out what can be done to improve the success of your website.

  • A Custom Flowcharted Stratagy

    Get a custom, flowcharted strategy to put in place for your online marketing.

  • A Custom Action Checklist

    Don’t be stopped. Get a custom checklist of the steps you can take to get things moving.

This service is only $17 🙂

Get a Custom Marketing Plan for Your Business

A website evaluation, flowchart & checklist so that you have a plan to follow.

Yes, please check my website & create me a plan !

Clicking the button will take you to PayPal ...


Don't keep going without a plan ! The first step to achieving any goal is to have a strategy.

As a note, I'm probably only leaving this offer up for a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill you set everything up for me ?

    There is quite a lot of work in putting everything in place. This will show you what to do, but you’ll need to get it done 🙂

  • q-iconWhy only $17 ?

    Sometimes people become our clients afterwards. Also a low price is good for you !

  • q-iconAre you easy to contact ?

    Yep. Please let me know how you go and if you get stuck.

  • q-iconRefunds ?

    No probs, just let me know.