Researching design before building a website.

How do you get an idea of the look & style of website that will work best for you clients or customers  … What colours ? Layout ? Features.

I finished a couple of designs recently, both looking quite different. They weren’t based on anything arbitrary – they were based on what could quickly be found out about the potential customers and clients who’d be using the sites.

Fast Demo

Click through these slides to get a fast demo of how I found the types of website styles liked by CEOs in the Australian construction industry.

And here’s a video with a bit more detail ( play button bottom-left ).

I’ve also listed the steps I took below the video.

The Steps

This was the initial research before building a website to do with green energy.

(1) Google search for “green energy solutions”
*** Top 3 organic results were …

(2) Entered those websites into Google’s Display Planner ( for Australia )
The bulk of visitors to those sites were 25-54, male & female, 55% on mobiles
Top 3 suggested placements these guys are visiting …
Top interests: Home Improvement, Green Living, Do-it-yourselfers

(3) Facebook audience insights ( Australia ) Interests: Sustainable energy
25+ male & female, 54% married, 64% University, 18% in Sydney & Melbourne
Liked these pages …