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The fact is that if a business isn’t advertising and easily found online, it’s losing potential clients and customers. An advertising agency is set up to help prevent you missing opportunities ! And these days, a small group specialising in digital online marketing is usually the best help.

The last decade has seen a huge shift in the way businesses promote themselves and every advertising agency has been on a steep learning curve to provide the high-tech services needed by their clients.

While the internet and e-commerce continues to grow, most businesses are way behind in their application and use of the technology. They are way behind the cutting-edge, which incorporates, Local search results, mobile technology, social media and SMS marketing.

Google, the gorilla of online search, bought Admob, a mobile advertising platform. Along with their Google Local pages they are heavily investing in the massively expanding network of smart-phones and consumers who avidly search on them for the nearest place to buy goods and services.

If you haven’t come across terms like SMS pushes, shortcodes, Google MyBusiness pages & QR codes, this is an indication that you could do with some help from an advertising agency !

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