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(1) Online Marketing Workout

What if you could set up a website so everything was as EASY as possible, but still done right ?

The next step to successfully marketing your business online is setting up a website that makes it as easy as possible.

It's 2015, so we've been developing websites and marketing for 12 years now !

This 2nd plan will help make set-ups faster & easier by bypassing some of the learning curve we had to go through.

  • How to increase the earning potential of a website by getting in a marketing 101 basic.

  • How to increase people contacting you from your website by laying it out right.

  • How to get help from outsourcers so you can get it done.

  • Website hosting that can reduce the hassle.

  • How to configure WordPress sites to save you time and effort.

  • SEO ( search engine optimisation ) intro stuff.

  • Reducing the effort required to run offers and create landing pages.

  • How to know what people are doing on the website, so that you can do better !

(2) Rock Solid SEO

How do you get pro-active visitors & buyers to your website ?

If you're not familiar with SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, which is the technique of increasing a website's appearance in top page search engine results - this is something you need to learn.

Visitors to your website who arrive from searching pro-actively are good buyers.

SEO techniques have changed over the years & it's important to know the right things to do in 2015. So learn the basics here, or get up-to-speed if needed !

  • Understand the basics so you can make better business decisions.

  • Learn correct SEO techniques for 2015, so you don't decrease your search result listings by doing it wrong.

  • Save time by using the list of resources in the PDF.

The Deal

How To Grab Your Free Bonuses

If you've followed the Online Action Plan you downloaded ( or if you intend to ) then you have a good idea of how business can be improved by knowing what people are searching for.

Then you know the right marketing messages, or if you want search engine rankings, what terms to go for.

We use a few apps to help us with this and Long Tail Pro is a great next step to getting targeted information. It may be the next learning curve, but it will save you floundering around and give you an edge ! Take the next step. Get your own copy & I'll throw in the 2 bonuses instantly.


  • Keyword Research: Find out how many people are actually searching a keyword or phrase each month.

  • Competitor Analysis: Save countless hours by having Long Tail Pro quickly analyse the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords.

  • Pay-Per-Click Analysis: what's the competition paying ?

  • Rank Checker: Know where your website is in the search results.

Start Uncovering “Hidden” Profit-Generating Keywords in Seconds… w/ Competitor & Buyer Intelligence!
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