Cut back confusion and reduce the effort

Who else wants an easier and faster way to get their internet marketing working ?

Get a coach !

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Lots of people like to be hands-on with their internet marketing ( especially in their own business ) and it's been getting easier for people to do more themselves.

But there's still an OVERWHELMING amount to learn and keep up with and this can slow things down and sometimes stop you from getting things done.

Some businesses have a marketing department, or their own specialist. But if you can't afford these and it's all up to you, you can still make it easier for yourself ...

We can show you how to get your website working for you, and internet business plan in place, way faster than if you have to work it all out yourself.

2_headsAbout us: We’ve been in web development and marketing for 13 years and are a small group based just north of Sydney. Our clients include Prizemasters Australia, Jazz Australia, Family Planning Australia and The Citizens Commission on Human Rights Australia.

Christopher Rimmer

Thank you Rob & Lisa for all your hard work developing my website, teaching me the ropes of content management and of course, your efforts in insuring my site has pole position in search engines. I couldn't have done it without you. I'm VERY happy with your service. Cheers!

Christopher Rimmer
Tim Pringle

Thanks so much. This is why I want to go with you – fast efficient friendly service!

Tim Pringle
Oliver Shead

We have been having a lot of traffic from the website (and particularly Google) recently, so that is really, really awesome, and I am very grateful to you guys for the massive assistance. It has made the difference.

Oliver Shead
  • Save Time

    Why try to work it all out yourself, when you could ask someone to show you ? We don’t know it all, but we’ve been in the business for 12 years !

  • Save Money

    This is usually listed as a come-on, but it does go hand-in-hand with saving time !

  • Get Results

    Results depend a lot on how fast you can get things done, we can definitely help you speed up by showing you the easiest ways to handle things.

  • Fast Advice

    Don’t search around for 3 hours every time you need an answer.

This is what the coaching covers ...

  • It’s a monthly service with a regular weekly phone call to plan and checklist out actions.
  • Follow-up help by email or phone where needed.
  • We look over and help debug campaigns and copywriting; also technical things where it’s a 3rd-party service or website platform we’re familiar with.
  • Our purpose is to get everything running, but roughly there’s a 1 1/2 hour weekly cap.

Research & Development

  • Locating and evaluating the audiences who are your best prospects.
  • Aligning your products based on what’s needed & wanted.


  • Configuring WordPress websites to run fast and be totally set up for marketing ( if it's not WordPress, there's often a lot we can help with anyway ).
  • Linking an email service ( like GetResponse or MailChimp ) and how to add forms.
  • Setting up PayPal payment pages or similar payment pages.
  • How to set up email autoresponder sequences and campaigns.

Campaign Design

  • Basic online sales funnel design & strategies.
  • Copywriting for emails, website pages and brochures.

Running Ads

  • Testing & tuning Facebook audiences and ads, Linkedin Ads, Adwords, Google My Business, SEO and media buys.

Basic Tracking

  • Setup and use of Google Analytics and Google Goals.

It's not thousands of dollars a month ... it's less than you'd pay an employee for 1/2 a day at the office ... it's only $82 per week.

( Paid monthly, which works out at $328 per month. This includes GST. )

Christmas Bonus !

Take the first month of coaching and get the Marketing 102 course for free !

Marketing 102 covers some of the things we can coach you, but a lot more. Even if it seems a bit advanced, it will give you a very good idea of how things are done by online specialists, and what to ask us to help with in your coaching !

There are checklists and videos that cover linking all the components of online marketing together, monitoring what's happening, testing so that you can improve results.

  • How not to have a dead website

    Keep things moving. Learn how to fit the components of an online business together so they work : get people flowing into the business and keep them hooked up.

  • How to know what's happening and control your online business

    Learn how to tell where things are going well, where you’re losing people along the way and how to get people to take that next step.

  • How to improve results from your website

    Learn how to test the things you put in place and increase their success at each point..

  • How to stop things dragging out

    There’s a heap to do if you want to make online marketing work. Learn how to make it faster and easier.

A subscription ( for as long as you need us ) is 60% cheaper than our hourly rate of $137. Click the button above and get the coaching and Marketing 102.