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“3 Steps to Plan Out the New Year”

It’s easiest to plan out how to improve your business online by first comparing where it is now to where it should be. Then look at how to move the business from one to the other
( there are links to flowcharts and tools you can download further down this post ).

Step 1: Get an idea of what the ideal situation would be.

Step 2: Look at the current existing situation.

Step 3: Work out the easiest way to move from where it is now to the more desirable situation.

Step (1) How to know what the ideal situation is ?

The ideal situation will be different for every business, but with any common activity there are things that have been found to work best.

These are called Best Practices.

In internet marketing there are best practices that have been worked out after lots of trial-and-error on the part of lots of internet marketers and based on measuring the success of different things.

A starting point for your ideal situation …

First, there’s the Online Business Flowchart that you can download from here that shows how a lot of these things fit together.

Grab a copy

Then, the ideal situation would probably include the following points as well …

  • Promotion placed in front of new people to drive them to an online offer ( adds can be on Facebook, Linked In, the Google Content Network and Media buys on stand-alone websites and physical fliers ).
  • New people who click an taken to a specific pages with the offer or info.
  • An increasing list of contacts ( email addresses or phone numbers ) – people interested in the businesses services.
  • The lists segmented into smaller lists based on specific interest and type of public.
  • Current customers and clients visiting the website to find out what’s on, and possibly get materials.
  • The main website being kept current weekly with information about what’s on and happening.
  • Information about website visitors & their actions on the website collected & looked at so that the value of different pages and ads can be judged (Google Analytics etc).
  • The website includes a page dedicated to each of the main services.
  • External factors handled ( SEO ) to help these pages appear in search results.
  • The ability to RAPIDLY run and change-out offers on the website.

*** The priority is new public to the website, leaving their contact details so that they can be followed up. ***

Step (2) Look over your current situation.

First it’s a good idea to check if your products are on-the-mark at RIGHT NOW !

Here are a couple of ways you can find out.

Then next, it’s good to note if the following things are in place  ( I find that a lot of businesses are missing on all these points ).

  • The current system doesn’t allow you to (1) rapidly set up offers (2) send people to the offers from ads (3) collect email addresses (4) send out further promotional emails.
  • There’s no person being “internet marketer” for the business and controlling the online things ( even if they are delegating the actual work to others ).
  • The website hasn’t been created or set up to follow current best marketing practices.
  • The website loads SLOWLY which causes some of your prospects to leave.
  • No management-by-statistics of visitors to the website !!!! ( Google Analytics etc ).

Also check your website and business against the Website Debug Checklist and the Online Marketing Debug Checklist. you should be able to locate both of them somewhere on this website !

Step (3) Move from the current to more ideal situation.

Any work-out should include a few things …

  • Finding out about your customers and prospects
    – The things they like & are interested in so you can use that info in the marketing.
    – What websites they visit that your ads can be run on.
    – Their search intention on Google.
    – If they’re concentrated in any geographic regions ( so promotion can be sent there ).
    – Demographics like age, education.

( You can grab this online research PDF that will run you through that in about half an hour. )

Get your internet marketing planning done EARLY ! An early start sets up the year for a good income.

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