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We want your business prominent in online search results, with increasing exposure and attention.

Local SEO
Google+ Local management.
Manage online reviews.
Increase business directory listings.
$610/ month
includes Google My Business setups
SEO + Local
Local search handled for one office.
4 keyword sets pushed up in Organic search.
$1347/ month
setups from $370
Budget SEO
3 keywords sets pushed up in the main body of search results
$1030/ month
setups from $370

( prices exclude gst | keyword sets contain about 4 similar phrases )

1SEO Support
How do you know what the right SEO strategy is for your website and the correct actions to take at any time ? If you handle your own website, but are not an internet guru you may just need some guidance. Get a monthly snap-shot of how you stand and advice when you need it. Details here.

2Website & Search Marketing Audit
Get a full check-up of your website and it’s online search performance compared with the competition. Find out what needs to be handled and how to improve conditions. Details here.

3Local Search Marketing
Is it getting easier to have you business found in Local search results ? Get your Google+ Local page set up correctly and the factors you need to rank well being handled regularly. Details here.

4SEO ( search engine optimisation )
There’s a lot of value to appearing at the top of the results for search-phrases with demonstrated commercial intention. Details here.

5Reputation Management
After people have found you, the next thing they tend to do is read what’s being said about you. We can help get lots of good results when people look for your name. Details here.

6Online Marketing Consulting & Coaching
Do you need a plan ? Would you like to be shown how to do it & get some help pushing it through and done ? We provide several consulting and coaching services.

There’s a steep learning curve to any online marketing, which often acts as a barrier to people getting started, or even seeing it’s value. We think that business owners should know enough about how things are done so that they can make correct decisions as business owners and assess the return on investment.

Our SEO services are not managed in other countries, and we know how to get a website good exposure in search results for valuable commercial terms.

Full details of what our responsibilities are and the scope of the work are listed on our terms of service page. Additional packages are available for multiple office locations.

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