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Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or property in search engine results.

A website isn’t always the main location on the web for a business – sometimes it’s a Facebook page, an Amazon listing, Youtube video or Ebay shop. There are techniques that can be applied to all of these to increase exposure and visibility and send quality traffic to relevant pages.

Local SEO
Google My Business management.
Organise & monitor a review system.
Increase & maintain business directory listings.
$770/ month
includes Google My Business setups
SEO + Local
Local search handled for one office.
4 keyword sets pushed up in Organic search.
$1347/ month
setups from $370
Budget SEO
3 keywords sets pushed up in the main body of search results
$1030/ month
setups from $370

( prices exclude gst | keyword sets contain about 4 similar phrases )

Internet marketing strategies

There are a number of good internet marketing strategies, but the underlying purpose of all of them is to increase the attention that a person or business receives on the internet and bring prospects into contact with service or product providers.

The first step is locating the people who need and want a specific thing. This is a research step where you find which places on the web they visit or what phrases they type in Google and Facebook.

After locating what your prospects are looking at, you can then place ads in those locations, which in some cases, involves raising a website in the Organic search results for the relevant phrases.

Good marketing on the net involves using lots of different traffic streams ( directories, Facebook, LinkedIn ) and not relying on a single one. But Google is the main focus of SEO due to the huge market share it has.

Promoting a website or property in Organic results also results in a number of press-releases, videos, documents, articles and other web properties that represent the business also appearing in search results.

Understanding the ranking process

There’s a steep learning curve to any online marketing, which often acts as a barrier to people getting started, or even seeing it’s value. We think that business owners should know enough about how things are done so that they can make correct decisions as business owners and assess the return on investment.

Our SEO services aren’t managed in other countries, and we know how to get a website good exposure in search results for valuable commercial terms. There’s more information about how it’s done in these next 3 sections …

Full details of what our responsibilities are and the scope of the work are listed on our terms of service page. Additional packages are available for multiple office locations.

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