Do You Need PPC Management ?

If you get confused trying to piece together Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising campaigns, then the answer is probably YES !

Hiring people who specialise in PPC management has become an easier and cheaper solution for a lot of businesses than trying to get it done with their own staff.

Managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to get the best results has become a sophisticated activity. It involves …

  1. testing ad copy to increase conversions,
  2. testing the ads with different locations and
  3. high-tech methods of tailoring ad copy dynamically to the searcher.
  4. It takes watching results day-by-day.

Google and Facebook are the biggest providers of PPC advertising. Google’s Adwords product has dominated the market for over a decade, but Facebook has advanced really fast the last few years in their ability to deliver ads to finely targeted audiences and at lower costs-per-click that Google.

The Yahoo/Bing search alliance also offers a similar product, but to a far smaller audience. It’s worth knowing though, that in some cases Yahoo/Bing can provide better conversions, so are worth testing your product & niche.

We specialise in setting up and running Facebook advertising campaigns, and can also help with Google Display Network, Adwords and Twitter campaigns.

PPC Management Fees

There are a few different PPC management pricing structures & techniques used by agencies … flat monthly fees, percentage of revenue and percentage of ad-spend are some.

We charge 25% of ad-spend with a lower cap of $300 and an upper cap of $800. So for example, if you are spending $2000 per month on clicks, we would charge $500. If you spend $500, we would charge $300 : for a spend of $5000 per month we’d charge $800. You pay at the beginning of each month. There is no contract and you can opt-out whenever you like.

  • for managing up to 200 keywords in Adwords, or
  • 10 Facebook Ads
  • in one targeted region or country.

Management includes …

  • Split-testing ads and ad copy.
  • Testing dynamic keyword insertion in Adwords.

Campaign setup fees apply. More detail here.

Further information about Managed PPC …

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