An Express Website

Websites are publishing platforms. They are usually the main part of online marketing campaigns and you need to be able to set up new pages and change them out regularly and fast. If it’s too hard, then it usually doesn’t get done.

There are a lot of content management systems available and methods of creating websites. The platform that’s currently best for running online marketing campaigns is Wordpress. It’s also proven most successful in placing content at the top of search results.

It’s not always the best solution for larger companies or merchants, but if the main purpose of the website it to be found and get new clients and customers, it’s best to find any way you can to use WordPress. This is what Matt Cuts, Google’s head of Search web-spam has to say.


  • Developed on WordPress, so you’ll be able to add additional pages and edit them yourself.
  • A responsive layout that adjusts to the device to display neatly on iPads and smart-phones as well as larger screens.
  • Graphic design of the main look by customising a state-of-the-art theme with your logo and basic colour and styling.
  • The home page designed & laid out.
  • 3 additional pages laid out.

$1214 ( + gst ).
You’ll also need (1) a domain name. We can help you get one for about $20 per year. (2) Hosting to put the site on. We can help you set this up & a host will charge about $90 per year.


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